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Interested in selling online? Trying to figure out what to sell? Here are the most popular and trending products & business niches for 2018!

So, you’ve decided to sell products online and make a nice profit. Good for you. In order for you to get there, you need the right product, the right audience, and the right marketing strategy.

If you are having troubles finding what to sell online, don’t worry as you are not the only person. All new business owners who are interested in selling products online are having the same troubles.

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Even though there are millions of products to sell online and hundreds of potential niches, the foundation of your business success comes from finding a profitable opportunity and taking advantage of that opportunity.

The good news is that a great opportunity is always around. In this article, we will present you the most popular and trending products & business niches. Remember, don’t randomly choose something, you need to make your own research and determine that it is the right item for you to sell.

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So, what is the general process of finding the right products to sell online? The first thing you need to do is research ideas in Google Trends. Then, you need to find market information to see if the industry sales is growing. You need to make an extra effort and narrow down to product categories using the Google search volume tool. You also need to research influencers, websites, and blogs to find some pretty interesting and passion topics. Consider your manufacturers, suppliers, and competitors before spending any money. You need to look at their inventory levels and prices to see if they are prosperous and successful.

Here are the 6 trending products & business niches to consider in 2018:

1. Bluetooth Speakers: Did you know that the wireless speaker industry is predicted to grow 10% annually and reach $31.80 billion by 2023? If you are interested in taking advantage of this rapidly growing market and reach a passionate target group, now is the perfect chance.

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2. E-Cigarettes: Vaping and e-cigarettes are a huge trend. We expect this trend to grow even further, once the marijuana is legalized. This industry is expected to reach $65B by 2025. The products are low, medium, and high. There are cross-sell and upsell opportunities to use and if you have navigated this high-regulated industry, you could easily succeed.

3. Drones: We simply love the high price of drones. This is currently $5B industry and more and more products are expected to take off. It is a great niche – a mix of passionate community and accessories.

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4. Subscription Boxes: You must admit that nothing says customer bonding and a lifetime value better than monthly billing. If you decide to see a subscription box, that is exactly what you will get. You just keep billing your customers until they cancel the subscription.

5. Online Food Delivery: We have a great idea for you – Why don’t you combine this product with subscription boxes and hit two popular business markets at once. The fact that Amazon is already using online food delivery should be enough for you.

6. LED Lighting: LED lighting is a huge trend. If you are asking us, we will probably focus on outdoor lighting. Keep in mind that you probably won’t make any money selling regular LED light bulbs, so think outside of the box as the LED market is predicted to grow 13% annually and reach $55B by 2022.

We strongly encourage you to do your own research and discover the right products to sell online. Combe the products with a passionate audience and create your own brand!

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