Here’s why your B2B Company needs to be online

B2B Company needs to be online

Generally, when you think of Ecommerce, your mind drifts to B2C companies. The fact that B2B companies can have something to gain from going online seems farfetched. However, the truth is quite different. Now, b2b companies have more to gain from using a b2b wholesale platform and launching a store.

Why do you need to launch a b2b eCommerce store?

Here are two reasons why you should consider going online with your business.

  1. To have the edge over your competitors

The B2B industry of today is starkly different from the one that persisted a few years ago. Now, the industry is growing and entering into the world of E-commerce. So much so is the case that many predict that the B2B E-commerce industry has the power to outstrip the B2C industry soon.

However, only a few companies are taking the hint. Currently, a maximum of 22% of B2B companies has Ecommerce stores. Considering the trend of customers moving towards digital platforms, this means that there is an immense opportunity in launching an online store.

  1. Selling around the clock

Let’s say you have a B2B company that only operates via a physical location. This will greatly limit the time you carry out transactions. Think about it. Your sales team can work around the clock. You can’t secure deals at odds hours of the day. However, if you go online, you will always be securing deals without having to invest in human capital.

What now?

Since it is very lucrative to enter the b2b E-commerce industry, it is high time that you launch your store. For this, you will have to look for the best b2b platform to base your store on.

What is b2b platform?

A b2b e-commerce solution follows the same principles as a b2c e-commerce platform. The platform allows buyers and sellers to connect and carry out transactions. The only difference here is that both buyers and sellers are companies.

The buyers here generally indulge in bulk buying. Therefore, the top b2b platforms are quite different from b2c e-commerce solutions. Shopify b2b is considered to be among the best b2b platform examples. When choosing a platform, it is advised that you carry out a b2b e-commerce platform comparison. Include options like Shopify, Magento, Contalog, and NetSuite.


Go online. Satisfy your b2b customers. Outgrow your competition.

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